Richard Boland Tregilgas

CCI03132015_0046.jpgRichard Boland Tregilgas
Male View treeBorn: 1925-04-21
Father: Harold Richard TregilgasMother: Isabel/Isabelle (Shilbach) Tregilgas
Children: Ann Mora (Tregilgas) Smith, Dana Elizabeth (Tregilgas) Johnson, John Harold Tregilgas II
Siblings: Susan Elizabeth (Tregilgas) Pritts, Mary Isabel Tregilgas, Donald Girard Tregilgas, David Joseph Tregilgas, John Harold Tregilgas
Additional Information:

I called him Grandpa. I recall having fun visiting him at his office in St. Paul and thinking his nurse, Jackie, was the nicest person I had ever met. I remember him as kind, thoughtful and generous. My best memory is him sitting with me at the table and telling me long stories of our family, that is, the people who came before us. He would tell me the stories over and over again (I realize now it was so I could tell the stories to my own children – and am incredibly sad I stopped hearing them before I was old enough to commit them to long-term memory). He would always remind me of how important family was, and how, at the end of the day, it was just about loving each other. I wish I had been able to have known him better than distance and his time on earth allowed. The (by: Kelsie)

Occupation: Doctor (internal medicine/general practice). Like his father before him, he served as Chief of Medicine of St. Paul’s Divine Redeemer Memorial Hospital prior to entering private practice.

Aka “Dick” or “Trig.”

Died: St. Paul, MN.


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