Katherine Wattine (Swango) Tregilgas

At-the-HospitalKatherine Wattine (Swango) Tregilgas
Female View treeBorn: 1951-01-18Died: 2014-01-14
Father: Richard Curtis SwangoMother: Pearl (Embree) Swango
Children: Kelsie Jean (Tregilgas) Hyden, Richard Boland Tregilgas II
Siblings: Roy Stacy Swango, Elizabeth Curtis (Swango) Graves
Additional Information:

My beautiful mother. She was clever, talented, independent, generous and compassionate. In another life I think she could have been anything. In this life, my brother and I were everything to her (even though we didn’t always deserve it). She did everything she could to make our childhood special. She always believed in us and loved us, no matter what. She loved animals, holidays and books. She volunteered regularly. She never hesitated to go the extra mile to make help someone. I have no doubt that everyone whose life she touched suffers from her absence. (by: Kelsie)

Aka “Kathi/Kathy.”

Occupation: Teacher/Homemaker.

Born: Oxford, MS.
Died: Richardson, TX.


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