Harriet (Engfer) Tregilgas

Harriet-7Harriet (Engfer) Tregilgas
Female View treeBorn: 1924-04-27
Father: Henry H. EngferMother: Eleanor (Pintz) Engfer
Children: Ann Mora (Tregilgas) Smith, Dana Elizabeth (Tregilgas) Johnson, John Harold Tregilgas II
Siblings: Fred Engfer, Lois (Engfer) Caldis, Edwin C. Engfer, Elaine (Engfer) Ogren
Additional Information:

I called her Grandma. I remember her as smart, funny and determined. She set the clocks back so she wouldn’t be late, but then I never could tell what time it was. She was always worried her hair looked awful, but it always looked good to me. I loved her and Grandpa’s house – it was a bit of a mess sometimes, but it was incredibly charming. I always had fun visiting Grandma and wish I had been able to know her better. (by: Kelsie)

Born: St. Paul, MN.
Died: St. Paul, MN.


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