Abraham Swango (3)

Abraham Swango (3)Male View treeBorn: 1790-10-20Died: 1865-03-08
Father: Samuel SwangoMother: Elizabeth (Johnston) Swango
Children: Harrison Swango, George Washington Swango, Steven Swango, Samuel Swango (2), Jesse (Swango) Hanks, Henry Chapman Swango, Lydia (Swango) Montgomery, Elizabeth (Swango) Johnson, Mariah (Swango) Trimble, Mary (Swango) Johnson, Ella Jane (Swango) O-Hair, Emilie Jane (Swango) Hanks, Rebecca Swango, Nancy Swango (2)
Siblings: Sophia Swango, Mariah Swango (2), Millie Swango, Richard Swango, Creasa Swango

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