Richard Curtis Swango

Riding-a-BikeRichard Curtis Swango
Male View treeBorn: 1924-02-18Died: 1996-05-31
Father: Ola Herd SwangoMother: Roy (Thomas) Swango
Children: Roy Stacy Swango, Elizabeth Curtis (Swango) Graves, Katherine Wattine (Swango) Tregilgas
Siblings: Elizabeth Margaret (Swango) Riales
Additional Information:

I called him Grandpa. Like Grandma, he passed away when I was fairly young and my memories about him are rather fuzzy. I know he had a very special place in my mother’s heart from the way she always spoke about him. He seemed to me quite a gentleman – he smoked a pipe and had excellent manners. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he could be quite serious at times, but for me, my brother, and my cousins, he always had a little joke, a big smile and a twinkle in his eye. As with all my grandparents, I wished I had known him better. (by: Kelsie)

Occupation: Air Force?

Born: Sardis, MS.
Died: Houston, TX.


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