Pearl (Embree) Swango

Reading-the-NewspaperPearl (Embree) Swango
Female View treeBorn: 1925-07-19Died: 1997-10-28
Father: Walter Stokes Embree IIMother: Katherine Pearl Inman
Children: Roy Stacy Swango, Elizabeth Curtis (Swango) Graves, Katherine Wattine (Swango) Tregilgas
Siblings: Edward Yemons Embree, Walter Stokes Embree III, Myrtle Embree
Additional Information:

I called her Grandma. I’m sorry to say I don’t really remember her well enough to comment on what she was like. I have the impression that she liked to travel, as my mother always had trinkets from foreign places that I seem to recall her mother brought back for her. She had a lovely collection of Santa Clauses from around the world that I loved to study through their display case, some of which now live in my own home. From the number of wonderful books with her name penned in now residing in my library, I feel safe saying she was an avid reader too. And I liked to visit her house and play with the dogs that lived in the yards on either side and have a big holiday meal at her large dining room table with the whole Houston family. (by: Kelsie)

Born: Como, MS.
Died: Houston, TX.


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