Richard Boland Tregilgas II

Halloween-2014-2Richard Boland Tregilgas II
Male View treeBorn: 1986-12-16
Father: John Harold Tregilgas IIMother: Katherine Wattine (Swango) Tregilgas
Children: none
Siblings: Kelsie Jean (Tregilgas) Hyden
Additional Information:

My brother. He drives me nuts sometimes but I love him to absolute pieces. Mess with him and I will be there to show you how that was a mistake. He is intelligent, artistic and just plain nice. And he’s a wonderful uncle to Sterling. He’s a bit of late bloomer, but I am so proud of him for stepping up the way he has since our parents passed away. I am incredibly lucky to have him as my brother. (By: Kelsie)

Occupation: Technical Theatre Specialist/Small Business Owner

Born: Dallas, TX.


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