John Harold Tregilgas II

Indian-Princesses-1John Harold Tregilgas II
Male View treeBorn: 1948-04-09Died: 2014-03-29
Father: Richard Boland TregilgasMother: Harriet (Engfer) Tregilgas
Children: Kelsie Jean (Tregilgas) Hyden, Richard Boland Tregilgas II
Siblings: Ann Mora (Tregilgas) Smith, Dana Elizabeth (Tregilgas) Johnson
Additional Information:

My crazy dad. I still get teary thinking about him. We were known to butt heads, but upon reflection I think we just had trouble understanding each other. When we got along, we got along like we had never quarreled. No one could make me want to rip out my hair and scream like him, but no one made me laugh as hard and as honestly either. He was eccentric, brilliant and funny. He loved art, music and taking photographs of literally everything. He believed in community service and supporting local businesses. We had some wild adventures together, and I am devastated they have come to an end. (by: Kelsie)

Occupation: Scientist/Metallurgist.

Born: St. Paul, MN.
Died: Richardson, TX.


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