Hi. My name is Kelsie Hyden. Ever since having my son, Sterling, I have been working hard to manage the influx of pictures in our lives, especially as the digital picture age has created the potential for such massive volume. I figure there is hardly any use in having them if they are too overwhelming to go through. Then, with the untimely passing of both of my parents, I found myself with a particular nostalgia for family pictures, as well as custodianship of a ton more pictures (I haven’t even touched the surface yet), some of which I can only guess as to the people or circumstances pictured. And one day my son will have even less of a clue when they are his. So I decided to undertake this project to organize our family pictures, as well as all sorts of useful information about the people/places/etc. in them, so we can all have a better idea about how we are all connected and so everyone in the family has access to it all. Enter my amazing husband, Corey, who built this website for me (and continues to work tirelessly to make it better). We have centered it around my parents (hence Swango-Tregilgas), but want to build it as far as I can get good information/pictures to fill in. There is infinitely more to do, but we are going to work at it a little at a time. Any assistance you can provide with identifying people/places/etc., building out the family tree, supplying information or pictures to add, or just letting us know about any bugs or errors we have made would be deeply appreciated. Also, I have started writing little blurbs about the people in the family I know well, and I would love it if I had some from others to add – I want to help give an idea of who these people are and were over the course of their lives to help showcase why they are and were so special. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

Directions for browsing the family tree:
  • – For each individual, this book will link to the individual’s page, which contains various vital information and any photos we currently have of the person.
  • – For each individual, click this tree to reset the family tree one level above that individual.

To start, Choose a family node (this links to the node’s oldest entry):

Swango | Tregilgas

Note: These trees do not contain every family member found on this website and there are a wide variety of other potential nodes. For example, the Engfer node is not found on those trees but contains a large number of entries (and joins the Tregilgas node through Harriet (Engfer) Tregilgas).

Or search for a particular family member by clicking the box at the top right of the page and using the search feature.

This project is still very much a work in progress. This is what we are still working on:
  1. Building the family tree as far back and out as possible (email me any helpful information you have).
  2. Correcting linking issues between family members.
  3. Rewriting the family tree software to improve ease of use as well as utility.
  4. Identifying as many of the individuals and locations of photographs we have uploaded to the server. You can help by clicking here!
  5. Collecting more photographs, especially exceptionally good photos and photos from different times in a person’s life (feel free to email me any photos you’d like to see on the website)!
  6. Digitizing printed photographs (and eventually maybe converting slides too).
  7. Adding information about members of the family tree, from simple statistical information to special thoughts or anecdotes.
  8. Keeping an eye on server stability. With hundreds of identified family members, an interactive family tree, and hundreds of photographs being served by the site, keeping the server responsive has been a challenge.